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  • Summer grazing herd in Georgia, Eastern Europe.
  • Sheep dog
  • Shearing at Woodside
  • Australian sheep penned at Traralgon.
  • On the board
  • A Georgian shepherd's camp.
  • Australian shearers having smoko.
  • Work in the shed
  • Classified Australian wool, ready for baling.
  • Matisse extracting another bale from the press

Maximise the financial return from your wool clip with quality expert wool classing

About Stephen Balhorn

Wool classer at work Stephen has provided Australian and overseas woolgrowers with his professional classing expertise for over thirty years. His knowledge as a Woolclasser has enabled him to work throughout Victoria, Q.L.D and N.S.W, Australia and also England and Georgia (Eastern Europe).
Stephen aims is to get the MAXIMUM RETURN for your wool clip using his many years experience and ability to adhere to the AWEX Code of Practice.

Click Here for Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) information on The Code of Practice for the preparation of Australian Wool Clips (COP).

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